Sunday, October 9, 2011

The clock is ticking and we need to do SOMETHING!

I first read about the Girl Effect from a blog on design. I opened the link to a youtube video that showed in a very effective and graphic way how young girls who live in poverty and in developing countries get trapped into early marriage, thus creating a vicious cycle. The cycle goes like this: Once you hit puberty you are considered a woman. You are then married by age 15, then you get pregnant and in many cases you have to sell your body to support yourself and your family. You get exposed to HIV, which then you can transmit to other people. But this is not all. Let's say that your baby is not a boy but a girl... this girl will then be married to someone else by the time she is 14 because she is a woman and not a girl... and so on and so forth. What do we need to break this cycle of poverty, lack of freedoms and of education? We NEED to invest in education and health care for these GIRLS, who will not be married off at an early age, who ideally will continue to be considered to be children for much longer. These girls will continue their studies, then find jobs and eventually they will choose to marry and have a family. There will be no prostitution, no lack of education or health care, no HIV transmission and they will not be forced into an early marriage. Sooooo.... contribute to this campaign. We accept donations so TODAY in your corner of the world but also in distant corners, girls like the one in the animation will continue to be considered GIRLS. You can also tell people about this grass roots campaign by either writing a post on your blog and/or sending emails to your friends and colleages so they themselves can help to spread the awareness. You can go here: or here to learn more about this.

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  1. Thank you for this post..truly sad and devastating to know this plight continues today. Thank you for your kind visit recently! Here's to the Mac and to continued success to you in illustration..exciting that you are in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the South of much inspiration and beauty everywhere!