Sunday, September 4, 2011

Illustration Friday: Mysterious

This week's theme is MYSTERIOUS. I thought it would be interesting to post not only the final piece, but make this post more about the process than the actual finish product. So, here we go:

When I read that the topic to be represented was MYSTERIOUS, it got me thinking about crystal balls, detectives and treasure chests, "mysterious" keys and doors that took you into the unknown.

So I developed the idea of the detective girl, but got sidetracked thinking about mysterious women...

... This lead to a mysterious blue woman who ate grapes... (but then, I didn't quite think that a figure eating grapes would exemplify the subject in question). So I went back to the idea of a "mysterious" door and peeping through the keyhole... and this time I tried to think of an artifact that looked "mysterious" enough (incorporating the idea of the all-seeing-eye), but then I really did not like the object that came out of this idea....

So my final piece came into being: a mysterious young woman wearing a yellow raincoat and hat who is having some sort of adventure in Paris.
... and voilĂ ! That's it for this week's Illustration Friday.


  1. I love the looseness of your style. It's very beautiful and exciting.

  2. I too really like the looseness of your style and I loved hearing about your process. It is great to see someone who allows all aspects of the process to speak to them and really neat to see what results await at the end. Thanks so much for visiting my post and for the lovely comments.