Saturday, September 24, 2011


The ferocious winds played with the boat as if it were made out of paper...
This week's Illustration Friday is FEROCIOUS. What first came to mind was a wolf, then monster, a piraƱa, a glutton, then winds and finally a tempest. I never use photoshop to work on my illustrations, except when adding tone or balance for the colors and contrast, but for the first time, I started playing around with the filters and so I am posting the end result. I think I actually like it better than my original piece as it looks a bit more ominous than the original illustration.
Oil pastels and soft pastels on paper. 25cm X 18cm


  1. Great take on the prompt, and you captured it wonderfully! And thanks for including the photoshop "before" and "after". When I first saw your entry, I was curious as to what medium.

  2. Love this Sainz! Wonderful intensity! Great colors and contrast too!

  3. Ooops.. I thought Sainz was your fist name... sorry Gabriella ;o)

  4. I like what the filter did with this. Nice take on the topic.