Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday Cards! Birthday Cards!

I have been quite prolific today working on different projects, one of it being birthday cards for friends who are having birthdays this month. The first card takes after Modigliani... in a campy sort of way;

The second card is more traditional, but I like the flowers in a heart-shape and the texture that I used for the background. Here I was experimenting using calligraphy pens and then a brush to to the black outlines.


  1. Such cool cards - and you are in France - how exciting!

    I just added more Berlin postcards to my Etsy shop if you are still interested :)

  2. Hola Sainz, gracias por tu comentario. Pues entrar en el negocio no es fácil, yo todavía estoy entrando, ya que acabé hace poco los estudios de ilustración. Te puedo decir que lo más importante es tener un book y concertar entrevistas con editores para enseñarlo. Presentarse a concursos, intentar estar muy presente en internet, en sitios especializados, etc...
    Te deseo mucha suerte en tu camino!!
    un abrazo