Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Four Elements

While thinking about opposites, I stumbled upon the idea of the four elements and voila! Here there are three variations on the theme.
In the first one,a very rough draft I drew images than to me represented these elements.
In the second sketch, I condensed the elements to a minimum; then I placed them inside a square as if to make them fit a pattern. I like how it turned out, specially the quality of the strokes.

In the third piece, I decided to tackle the idea of the four elements using images and then adding some crayon touches. I think the free flowing composition works ok, but I prefer the second piece.


  1. What a cool way to develop your idea! Keep going! And thanks for sharing.

  2. I just re-blogged you picture. Of all the pictures of the four elements yours was just right! Thank you!