Sunday, April 11, 2010


How things have changed... in the span of a few of weeks I have gone from not being confortable with the the idea of having a blog to totally falling in love with this 'medium'.... It is like a gigantic virtual white canvas where everyone is making his own drawing at the same time. And sometimes we are taken aback by the quality of our neighbour's work.
Sooo... I am now the proud author of two blogs. The first one is more formal, it is mostly a showcase for my work. This blog will relate to the first one, in that this one is also a blog about art, design and creation, but the difference is that this blog will only show what is on my sketchbook. That way, I won't pressure myself into producing only high quality things and can let myself explore other media and other subjects. The starting line has been crossed... only time will tell where this race will take me. Will it be a pleasant walk, a power walk or a full speed run?

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